About Me

IMG_6024Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter?  I’m crazy about clutter but I like to refer to it as a healthy obsession.  When a client invites me into their home, I’m itching to get started and help them feel better.  I’m not there to judge, I’m there to help.

In 2002, I decided to use my organizing addiction to help clients who are ready to let go of stuff, by launching Simply Organized, LLC.

My first client had an entire house full of clutter she was ready to part with.  I thought I died and went to heaven!

Since then I’ve been helping people who feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in their lives.  I’m a supportive, organizing partner, who helps my clients feel motivated, energized and liberated!  

I’m also a columnist for the Madison State Journal.  Check it out for some quick organizing tips!

My business is based in Madison, WI but I’m happy to assist you with your organizing challenges, regardless of what state or country you call “home.” Check out my services page for all the details and prices.

You may contact Jill at 608-575-7467.

Want to know more about Jill?
1. A wife since 1987
2. A mother of one since 1994
3. Professional Organizer since 2002
4. Control freak, doesn’t that explain it all!
5. I’m a lefty
6. I like details so I ask a lot of questions
7. I’m a great-aunt to 6
8. I lived in San Diego for 4 years
9. I prefer living near family in the Midwest
10. Wisconsin winters would be unbearable if I didn’t have my fireplace
11. I love fish tacos
12. I don’t like crowds
13. Or loud music
14. I’m not into crafts
15. And am clueless when it comes to home decorating
16. I would rather walk than bike
17. I enjoy taking driving vacations across the USA
18. If my husband drives
19. We’ve driven out west, to Maine, North Carolina and all the states in between.
20. In high school and college I was a rink rat and performed in my small town ice
skating shows
21. I taught figure skating
22. I broke my front tooth off while ice skating (don’t worry it’s been replaced)
23. I’m not athletic
24. I use a lot of waterless hand cleaner because I hate being sick
25. I’m addicted to chai tea
26. Dessert is my favorite food group
27. I’m the youngest of 4 children
28. The spoiled baby
29. I wore braces for over 4 years
30. And wore my headgear to school when I was 13.
31. I wasn’t very popular with the boys!
32. I do not like shopping
33. I’m overwhelmed by all the choices in stores
34. I don’t like trying clothing on in the stores
35. Most of the clothing I purchase ends up being returned
36. I love taking 15 minute naps
37. I tend to worry over trivial things
38. I’m not a scrap-booker
39. My photos are in albums or on my computer
40. I think my dog is cute but rarely take her picture
41. I love spicy Mexican food and cheese
42. I check the outside temperature in the morning
43. Summer is my favorite season
44. Before I choose a movie I look at its running time since my attention limit is
approximately 90 minutes
45. I was born on George Washington’s birthday so my dad wanted to name me
46. I went to college in my hometown, Stevens Point, WI and lived at home(a
47. I married right out of college
48. And moved out of my parent’s home for the first time
49. Sometimes I regret throwing something out, but not too often
50. I prefer a paper versus electronic calendar
51. I’m a chronic multitasker
52. I barely lived through speeches I had to give in school
53. Now I love teaching organizing classes and have been on t.v. and radio
54. I do not like to cook
55. But cook almost every night
56. I’m a creature of habit
57. You will find me at the grocery store every Monday morning after going for a
walk with my friends
58. I make my bed every day
59. Sometimes just before I go to bed
60. I do not fold my underwear or my p.j.s
61. I’ve never figured out how to fold a fitted sheet and don’t really see the need
when I can just roll it into a ball
62. I usually have pots and pans air drying on my kitchen counter…my mother has
finally gotten used to it
63. I’d rather organize than clean
64. When my daughter’s room was messy, I just shut the door instead of making
her clean(her door was usually shut)
65. I said “was messy” because she has grown up and straightened up
66. My daughter’s Barbie dolls were very organized and had all their shoes, thanks
to me
67. My favorite day of the week is trash/recycle day
68. Freecycle.org is my favorite recycling resource
69. I do crossword puzzles with my husband; it’s just easier that way!
70. Jigsaw puzzles are my favorite winter pastime
71. I do the puzzle edge first and have to be the one to put the last piece in
72. I’m a compulsive list writer!