De-clutter your way to organization

too much stuff

De-cluttering your home will result in a more organized home.  We all have too much stuff.  Even the professional organizer has too much stuff!  I’m constantly de-cluttering and putting things back where they belong to maintain an organized home.

Just imagine if we pared down our belongings by a third!

  1. We will have less to maintain.
  2. We will have more freedom.
  3. We will have empty spaces thus more storage.
  4. We will be able to find things.
  5. We will love coming home to a clutter and chaos free space.

Grab a couple containers and choose one room to de-clutter today.  It doesn’t matter what room you choose just make a decision.  Set a timer for 30 minutes and quickly go through the room looking for items to donate and trash.  If the room has drawers, shelves, or a closet, check those areas also.

I bet you will fill at least one container in 30 minutes.  Don’t agonize over your decisions, do it quickly.

Put the donation containers in your car and drop them off next time you are near your favorite charity.

How many containers did you fill?  Congratulations!!


5 Areas to Edit and Create Space as a Result








There are 5 key areas in most homes that become overstuffed and need regular editing or purging to keep them organized and to create space.  Editing on a regular basis will prevent you from out-growing your space.

1. Files:  Open your file drawers, glance at the files, look for the thickest files.  Pull them out, one at a time.  Pull old pamphlets, papers, or brochures from the file.  Look for paper that is taking up a lot of space (a large brochure) in the folder.  Can it be tossed or recycled?  Is it out of date?  Do you really need it or will you be able to find the information on the internet?  It will be much easier to file paperwork once you weed out the old papers.

2. Clothing:   Are you running out of room in your closet?   You may think you wear all the clothing in there but take a closer look.    Donate items that fit the following criteria:  too small, too large, not flattering, no longer in style or worn out.  Gather all the empty hangers, recycle the wire ones and put the empty hangers in one area of your closet.  If you  have too many, relocate the extras to your laundry room or front closet.  Now you can see what you own and have some breathing room in your closet.

3. Refrigerator:  Has your refrigerator become a black hole?  Food enters it and is never seen again?  Time to edit it’s contents.  Toss the expired items and wipe down all the surfaces.  Remember to go through all the bottles and jars in the door also.  A clean a healthy fridge, doesn’t that feel better?

4. Pantry:  Same as the refrigerator.  Toss the expired items.  Wipe down shelves.  Categorize food and label shelves.

5. Reading Material:  Are your bookshelves at maximum capacity?  Consider donating books you have read to a local library or shelter.  Be real with yourself, how likely is it that you will reread them?  Put away the odds and ends that have gravitated to the bookshelf.

Edit one of these areas each month and you find it easier to maintain organization and not out grow your space.

 What area are you going to edit this week?


photo by: Matt Hampel

Fall Maintenance Checklist Part 2: Indoor Tasks

Fall is a fun season with apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and bon fires.  It’s also a time to prepare for winter.

I’ve put together an indoor home maintenance checklist for fall.

  • Clean carpets if needed.
  • Clean wood floors.
  • Change furnace filter.
  • Have furnace inspected and tuned up.
  • Have your chimney swept if you have a wood burning fireplace.
  • Stock up on wood for your fireplace.
  • Check smoke alarms and replace batteries.
  • Replace CO2 batteries, if necessary.
  • Switch out clothing for the season.
  • Clean winter outerwear and take inventory of items your kids have outgrown and need replacing.

Block off time each week to complete an item or two off this checklist.  Schedule time for fall fun also.  Click here for Part 1: outdoor fall checklist.

What is your favorite fall activity?


photo by: discus2_22

Fall Maintenance Checklist, Part 1: Outdoor Tasks

Fall is a beautiful time of year.  Colorful trees, cooler temps and apple pie!  It’s also time for certain maintenance chores if you own your home and live in the northern half of the U.S.

Here is a checklist to follow as you prepare for winter. 

  • Winterize sprinkler system, if applicable.
  • Bring in garden hoses and shut off water to outdoor faucets.
  • Tune up snow blower or find your snow shovels.
  • Winterize and store lawnmower.
  • Stock up on salt or ice melt.
  • Compost annual flowers and store flower pots.
  • Install storm windows.
  • Clean leaves out of gutters.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Clean and store or cover outdoor furniture.
  • Clean grill and cover.

Take out your calendar and block off a couple hours a week until you have the list complete, hopefully before winter:)

What is your favorite part of fall?